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Dear editors, premium members and others!

Instead of doing a full-scale conference for and Corax this summer we have decided to have a more informal and uncomplicated gathering. We will organize some lectures, workshops and other sessions beforehand but will also leave room for improvisation and initiatives from participants. Attendees will find everything they need to know in the program but I will update this website with some of the info.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 13.42.41Sofia Arkestål, co-founder

Chief cat herder for the conference

+356 77 555 659

About Corax

Corax is a crowdsourced news aggregator. It is the English language version of, a highly successful service available since June 2014 in Sweden. The current version of Corax is an early preview with only the most basic features in place.

We provide an alternative startpage for news, free from statist, left-wing and authoritarian bias. We link to all kinds of media, including mainstream news outlets, alternative media, blogs, social media postings, press releases and anything else we find relevant.

A team of volunteer editors post links, write headlines and vote to decide what gets published. We are currently looking for new editors to build an international editorial team in parallel with the existing Swedish team. Contact us if this sounds interesting to you!

What we will talk about and do


A large portion of the conference will be dedicated to discussions about the rise and professionalisation of alternative media, from the blogosphere to today’s modern news outlets. We will delve into the mechanisms of the mainstream media and analyze how we can channel our slacktivism into more productive and effective outreach – with special focus on how to make it streamlined and financially sustainable, so you can benefit from your hard work.


Apart from our preferred type of media activism, there are other somewhat unconventional and exceptionally smart ways for an activist to work. Some start micronations, others start world wide organisations and organize activists to be two orders of magnitude more efficient in outreach. Others tour the world spreading knowledge about how socialism is destroying what free markets created. Some has been around since our movement barely existed. And you will get to hear their stories.

Listen to great speakers

Meet fellow libertarian activists and listen to their experiences from different projects.


Attend workshops and learn unconventional and exceptionally smart ways for activists to work.

Mo work mo play

Enjoy the Mediterranean sun, explore the Maltese islands, and party like a libertarian.


These are the speakers we have booked so far. Are you interested in talking about your project? Contact us.


Rick Falkvinge



Jim Turney

Liberty Tapes


Vít Jedlička



Nima Sanandaji



Martin Eriksson



Tommy Tarre



Alexandra Ivanov

Svenska Dagbladet


Mikael From

Liberty Silver


The venue will be announced to the participants shortly. The conference will mainly take place in the Sliema area.


Feel free to contact other attendees if you are interested in sharing accommodation.

Malta is a small island, smaller than Stockholm (316 vs 381 square kilometers) so feel free to look at AirBnB all over, but if you want walking distance I suggest keeping to the central areas such as Sliema and St Julians, but Gzira, San Gwann, Ta Xbiex, Swieqi and Pembroke is also viable (remember that temperatures are high so unless you want to take a cab or bus it’s better to stay close by). The ferry from Valletta to Sliema is very quick so look there as well.

There are a few hotels and hostels in the immediate area. Check tripadvisor for your desired pricing and check the reviews. Search the map so you know where you end up! If anyone has hotels to recommend, write us and we’ll let everyone else know.

Tips that are really close by:
Luxury: The Palace, The Victoria
Mid-range: Imperial Hotel
Super close by wildcard: The Preluna is on the sea front Tower Road, but I can’t vouch for the standard.

Hotels in St Julians (20-30 min walk from Sliema):


Register before it is too late!